In 2017 I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility and told a $10,000 loan was the only way I would become a mother.

As a PhD cancer research scientist and biologist, 'unexplained infertility' was an unacceptable diagnosis.

Let's explain it.

My "infertile" diagnosis meant my insurance wouldn't cover treatment. So I set out to use my PhD in Biology to dig through the scientific research to find answers. I found a non-invasive option called intracervical insemination that had the same live birth rate as IUI when done sterilely in the clinic. So why couldn't I try this at home? It didn't exist. So we made it.

The first PherDal baby born from patented at home insemination science

Then PherDal worked.

I ordered parts from my research lab and put together the first PherDal kit (a play on proving I was in fact “fertile” with a nod to my Ph.D.).

In the second month of use - our daughter Lois was conceived.

the first and second pherdal families after successfully using pherdal

Then PherDal Worked For Others

I put together 200 proof of concept kits to see if I could help others not have to go through the pain we went through.

Those worked too. They sold out in 90 days and brought 34 beautiful babies into the world.

Strangers on the internet - became our PherDal Family. This was the first time meeting the second PherDal baby - Harper. The first time our kids spent the night in a hotel was for Harper's 1st Birthday Party.

Then We Made History. Together.

We partnered with the FDA to create a new type of product for at home fertility. FDA clearance testing was estimated to cost between 3-5 Million. So I quit my job and reached out for help to get us to market and to make history.

433 PherDal Family members raised over $630,000 every last penny went to our clinical testing and our safety testing. In December of 2023 we made history together as the first and only FDA cleared, sterile, at home insemination kit.

Now We are Helping Millions.

Our mission is to make at home insemination successful, safe, and accessible to every single person.

The PherDal Kit is the first and only to combine the sterile environment of the fertility clinic with the at-home capabilities of insemination.

The PherDal Kit bridges the gap between traditional conception and more invasive options with a sterile syringe that delivers sperm directly to the opening of the cervix, while bypassing bacterial or anatomical interference. 

We support you.

  • Dr. Jennifer Hintzsche PherDal Inventor the first and only sterile at home insemination kit
  • Dr. Jennifer Hintzsche PherDal At Home insemination kit Inventor and founder

    Dr. Jennifer Hintzsche, Ph.D.

    CEO & Founder

    PherDal Fertility Science

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