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Ovulation Workbook - Digital Download

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A lot of us were taught how not to get pregnant, but no one teaches how to get pregnant. I am writing this based on what I wished I had known on the first day of trying to conceive. This information would have saved me so much pain and what felt like wasted eggs and tears over the toilet on cycle day one.

This guide aims to give you the step-by-step process into my PherDal methodology for ovulation tracking. These are the exact steps I took to track my ovulation and understand my unique cycle, which helped me conceive with PherDal! I hope that this guide can help you gain insight into your cycle, which in turn will help increase your odds of conception!

    Ovulation Workbook - Digital Download

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    Get the steps our founder, Jennifer, took to track her ovulation and understand her unique cycle so she could conceive with PherDal!

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