Rooted in science, the PherDal Kit is the first and only FDA cleared at home insemination kit to combine the bacteria-free environment of the fertility clinic with the at-home capabilities of insemination. 

We believe you deserve to take control of your family-planning journey privately while not sacrificing the safety of the cleanliness offered in the clinic.

How it Works

The PherDal Kit's patented bacteria-free syringe delivers sperm directly to the cervix, bypassing any potential interference between sperm and egg - making it ideal for those trying to conceive or have chosen not to conceive through intercourse. By placing fresh or thawed sperm just 1 inch lower than IUI, at the cervical opening, we empower couples and individuals to take their journey into their own hands- literally.

Why it Works

The key to our success rate is our patented bacteria-free and ultra-smooth Insemination Syringe, which uses clinical precision to place more sperm at the cervical opening, increasing the probability of a successful conception.

What's Included?

  • Three (3) bacteria-free, single-use, individually packaged insemination syringes
  • Three (3) bacteria-free, single-use, individually packaged collection cups
  • Three (3) chances to get pregnant per cycle

Easy & Painless

  • Collect

    Place your semen sample in our patented round-bottomed jar that doesn't leave a drop behind.

  • Insert

    Our syringes are the longest on the market, with a patented end that gently delivers sperm directly to the cervical opening.

  • Conceive

    Afterward, lie down for 15-30 minutes, and you're done. Rest easy knowing that our FDA clearance ensures that our kit is safe and effective and the only guaranteed bacteria-free device for insemination.