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Artificial Insemination Kit: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them

Artificial insemination was initially developed to help couples conceive in cases of severe male infertility. However, the procedure's role in assisting conception in females with unexplained infertility is only beginning to be fully understood. Not surprising, given that medical research has historically only been performed by men to improve men's health.

For example, here is a little fact that will blow your mind…

The National Institute of Health (NIH) did not require women or minorities to be included in Phase III Clinical Trials until 2017. That was only five years ago!

With 1 in 5 women unable to get pregnant after one year of trying, it's time for women to take their conception journey into their own hands.

An at-home artificial insemination kit can serve as an affordable and successful fertility option for couples to try in their home. But you must use a quality kit that is science-based, safe, and sterile.

With so many options on the market, what should you look for, and how do you know if it's safe and effective?

We've got you covered.


What Is an Artificial Insemination Kit?

Artificial insemination is one of the world's most used assisted fertility procedures. Insemination works by delivering the sperm closer to the egg, potentially overcoming fertility obstacles such as reduced sperm motility and bacterial and anatomical interference.


There are predominantly three methods of insemination, each with varying success rates.


  • Intravaginal insemination (IVI) – Involves placing the sperm into the vaginal canal, much the same as intercourse would achieve. However, IVI has lower success rates due to the sperm being deposited further away from the egg and not bypassing the vaginal microbiome.

  • Intracervical insemination (ICI) – Delivers the semen right at the entrance of the cervix, bypassing the vaginal microbiome and giving the sperm a shorter journey to the egg.

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) – Uses a catheter to deposit washed sperm into the uterus, bypassing the vaginal canal and cervix. The procedure can only be performed in the sterile conditions of a fertility clinic.


The difference between where the sperm is deposited in ICI and IUI is about 1 inch, and studies show that the procedures share an equal conception success rate. The difference is that ICI is substantially more affordable and can be completed in the comfort of your home.


Currently, there are no legally sold over the counter assisted reproduction kits on the market today. Kits usually include syringes, semen sample containers, and occasionally ovulation tests to assist with timing the procedure.

However, the sterility of the equipment in the kit you use is everything! And sterilization of vaginal applicators is expensive and not required, so companies avoid the process, which means you have no idea who has had their hands on the syringe… gross.

The PherDal kit is the only patented sterile at-home insemination kit that offers ICI—giving you a safe and affordable fertility option with the same success rates as IUI at a fraction of the cost.

Our kit includes three patented sterile syringes uniquely designed to reach the opening of the cervix without pain and three semen collection containers that feature a cleverly rounded base so that you don't waste a single drop of precious semen. All our equipment is sperm friendly, and every kit gives you three chances of conception.

You deserve a quality kit backed by science, and PherDal is committed to supporting you.

How to Find Kits Made by Reputable Companies

There is no shortage of companies offering insemination kits on the market, but you need quality equipment to ensure the procedure is safe and effective or you could disrupt your microbiome and potentially decrease your chances of conception 

Here are the three factors to look for in a home artificial insemination kit.

Sterility Is Key

The microbiome of the vagina is a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria. If the syringe you use is not sterile, it can introduce bacteria to your vagina, causing imbalances in the microbiome. Research shows that imbalances in the vaginal microbiome can negatively impact fertility.

If the kit you are looking at isn't certified as sterile - LEAVE IT ON THE SHELF.

The PherDal kit is the only patented sterile at-home insemination kit on the market because we understand the importance of protecting your microbiome.

Sperm-Friendly Plastics

The plastics used in an at-home insemination kit can impact the quality of the sperm. Even a short period of exposure to the wrong plastics can damage sperm motility. We want those little guys to get to the egg as fast as possible, so we certainly don't want to risk damaging them before they even start their journey.

Made with IVF-graded materials, the PherDal kit is 100% sperm friendly.

User Friendly

The process of at-home insemination can feel overwhelming. But if you have a quality kit, it shouldn't be. The equipment should be designed explicitly for at-home insemination with safety and comfort in mind. The PherDal kit was created by a woman for women, and every detail has been meticulously designed to enhance your comfort and experience.

What Can Go Wrong With a Low-Quality Kit?

The roller coaster of emotions on the road to conception is hard enough. You certainly don't want to create further complications by using the wrong equipment when performing an at-home insemination.

The consequences of using a low-quality artificial insemination kit can include the following:

  • Infection – If the equipment is not sterile and bacteria enters the vagina or cervix, there is an increased risk of infection and pelvic inflammatory disease, which can damage your reproductive organs.

  • Unnecessary pain – The syringe plays a vital role in the insemination process. If the syringe is not designed specifically for at-home insemination, you may experience pain or damage to the cervix when inserting it into the vaginal canal.

  • Extended emotional distress – You need a quality kit that is sterile, safe, and effective to give you the best chance of conception. Using low-quality equipment significantly decreases your chances of success and prolongs the helplessness and deep pain that comes with each failed cycle.

  • Financial loss – Every kit gives you an opportunity to conceive in a cycle. If you aren't using quality equipment, your chances of conception are lower, and every failed attempt adds up financially. 

Consider PherDal's Sterile At-Home Kit

Each month you dream of that moment when you finally get to exhale and say, "I’m pregnant.” The artificial insemination kit you use plays a significant role in making that dream a reality.

You deserve a science-based, safe, sterile, and affordable fertility option. The PherDal kit is the only patented sterile at-home insemination kit available on the market. With three syringes and three collection jars in every kit, you get three chances to get pregnant—more than any other insemination kit—at under $200 a month.

At PherDal, we share your dream and want to empower you to take control of your fertility journey. But you don’t have to do this alone. We’re here, we get it, and we will support you every step of the way.