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How to Use an Artificial Insemination Syringe

It’s not every day that we find ourselves using an artificial insemination kit. Maybe you’ve never handled anything like a needleless syringe before, and you have some questions. We’re here for it.

An insemination syringe is a needleless instrument that isn’t sharp and should never hurt. Its design is sleek and user-friendly, enabling you to take control of your fertility by yourself or with a partner. The syringe fits in your hand almost like a utensil and gets inserted in the same way a tampon does.

With that said, using an insemination syringe does take some learning to use, but when correctly done, with the right tools, intracervical insemination (ICI) is a pain-free and relatively easy process. Here are a few tips and tricks that can really make a difference in ensuring you’re using an artificial insemination syringe to its full potential and giving yourself the best chances at conception through intracervical insemination.

Set the Scene

You’ll want to feel calm and confident when performing insemination. Since a lot of D.I.Y. is involved here, the environment you’re in matters. Ideally, you can set yourself up in a room that’s familiar (like your own bedroom) with a comfortable bed or couch to lie down on during the insemination. If you can do it before you go to sleep, that's ideal but give yourself a comfy space to lay down for at least 30 minutes afterwards.

Of course, there are a lot of nerves and excitement surrounding something like at-home insemination: you’re hoping to conceive your child, after all, so this is a special moment. Treat it as such by making sure you’re in a clean and well-kept space, with enough adequate lighting to perform the insemination without having to squint. It can still be an intimate experience with the lights dimmed.

Collect the Sample

First, the semen needs to be collected using sterilized, individually packed jars. The collection done at home should use the same best practices as in the clinic. That means, if possible, don't use any lubrication to collect the sample, not even saliva. Fresh samples should be used within one hour, and frozen sperm samples should be used immediately after thawing.

Once you have a sample, it’s time to break out the insemination syringe. They’re individually packaged and sterilized for your protection, so don't open in it until you have your sample and your environment set up to be cozy and you're ready to inseminate.

The Importance of a Sterile Syringe

PherDal’s syringes arrive sterile for a very important reason: it’s so that your syringe won’t introduce any unknown bacteria or pathogens to your reproductive system, ultimately throwing off your microbiome. That can change the delicate pH inside your reproductive tract, which can kill sperm. By being sterile, the syringe protects the natural balance of bacteria, which remains consistent and therefore can’t negatively affect your fertility chances.

To preserve the sterility of the syringe right out of the packaging, avoid setting it down someplace after opening and only touch the handle of the syringe. The setup for ICI is crucial – prevent the non-handle end of the syringe from touching anything that isn’t your cervix so that you can keep the process as sterile as possible, just like the clinic.

Insert the Semen

Slowly pull up on the plunger to fill the needleless syringe about ⅔ of the way with semen. Try to refrain from pulling back on the plunger until the syringe tip is inserted directly into the collection jar, since doing so could fill the syringe with unnecessary air, which may cause air bubbles and could lead to cramping later.

You can turn the syringe over to release any extra air bubbles before the insemination. Scientifically, the bubbles are harmless, but it’s also easy to get rid of them if you’d prefer to stave off the possibility of extra cramping.

While laying down, insert the syringe as you would a tampon, then press down on the plunger to get those sperm that much closer to the egg, where one lucky swimmer will hopefully reach a waiting egg.

In natural intercourse, less than 1% of sperm ever make it through the cervix. That's why the goal of ICI is to place concentrated semen at the opening of the cervix and introduce lots of sperm to that halfway point in the race to increase the odds of conception.

The Pros of At-Home ICI

Using an artificial insemination syringe as part of an at-home kit to further support your fertility goals is a no-brainer. It’s extremely low-risk and low-cost, making for an affordable and safe experience. It’s private, intimate, and entirely up to you, giving you the power of choice in treating infertility. And it’s a straightforward first step (or second, or third, or fourth) to take in your fertility journey.

Given the options available today, ICI is the least complicated option to try, as long as it's done with a safe, sterile, and FDA-cleared product. It’s an opportunity to try a different approach to infertility, while actively maintaining your bodily autonomy through the use of an at-home insemination syringe.  

A Peek Inside PherDal’s Kit…

We are the first and only FDA cleared, sterile, at-home intracervical insemination kit for those looking to manage their fertility journey on their own terms. Within our kit, you’ll find three single-use applicators featuring sterilized syringes and collection jars, along with our free digital ovulation journal. These contents add up to three individual attempts to get pregnant, more than any other kit out there.

The insemination syringe is effective yet simple. Every PherDal kit comes with detailed instructions, so if any in-the-moment concerns pop up, you have a thorough guide to reference.

PherDal’s at-home kit takes the guesswork out of intracervical insemination. This amazing tool offers a greater chance of pregnancy for those struggling to conceive. And we’re here to support you in whatever way you need.