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The big secret to PherDal's success? Community knowledge.

We are constantly getting feedback and learning from you - our PherDal families - what has worked the best and any tips and tricks for at home insemination success.

Bookmark this page because it's here where we spill that tea and give you ALL the knowledge. It's a lot - but it's nothing compared to the struggle. So drop Dr. Google for a minute and let's dive into the real science that will help you build your family with PherDal's best practices.

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Before You Start Using PherDal - Watch this!

Step-by-Step Tutorial

pherdal at home insemination tips and success stories

Maximize Your Chances

  • Set the jar on a solid surface like a table after the sample has been collected. Why? The friction based syringe might take some extra effort to pull back at first (We promise it's worth it ❤️) and we don't want you to spill a drop. So setup for success and place your thumb like this image to give it the right leverage!

  • Sterile is key. That means no lube. No saliva. No setting the syringe down on your sheets.

  • The best time? Right before bed. Get comfy, go to the bathroom. Load up the syringe and find a place to sleep - then inseminate. Put on movie that will make you belly laugh and hang out there while you go to sleep.

Questions? We love Questions! Feedback? We love Feedback!

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