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3 Effective Ways to Boost Fertility Without Medications

The internet is a powerful thing—for instance, after I received an unexplained infertility diagnosis, my doctor prescribed $10,000 worth of in-clinic IUI. Instead, I conducted my own research to figure out the next steps for my family, which eventually led me to start PherDal. But finding answers to your fertility questions online isn’t very straightforward, with much of the information out there being false or even dangerous. 

I understand your frustration firsthand. If you’re looking for non-medicated methods to boost fertility, rest assured: you’re in the right place. PherDal is here for natural and affordable fertility support from the comfort of home. No hormones, bank loans, or contamination risks here: our patented 100% sterile IVI kit just so happens to be the only FDA-cleared at-home insemination kit on the market.

But what else can you do to boost fertility holistically? Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to medication or other uncomfortable interventions to up your odds of conception. 

1. Lifestyle Factors 

If you haven’t been able to get pregnant and you’ve seen a doctor for your fertility concerns, you’ve likely heard the old “make sure you’re staying healthy to give yourself the greatest chance of conceiving” line. Reproductive endocrinologists typically begin treating patients by recommending lifestyle changes. Well, there’s real truth to this advice. Factors such as weight, diet, sleep, hydration, stress, physical activity, alcohol or tobacco use, and sexual health all impact your fertility status.

Of course, if you’re eating well and taking care of your body, your system will be in the best possible place for conceiving. You can up your odds by eating a nutritious diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats; certain nutrients like folate, zinc, selenium, and antioxidants are particularly important for fertility health. Getting plenty of sleep (aim for eight hours a night) and drinking lots of water (80-100 fluid ounces per day) will keep you rested and hydrated, both of which contribute to reproductive function while keeping your energy levels and enthusiasm flying high. 

And while we hate to say it (I mean, wine?) it goes without saying that cutting out drinking and smoking helps to put your body in the healthiest possible condition to support your fertility journey. 

Nonetheless, it’s not always easy or realistic to check so many boxes. As long as you (and your partner or donor) are striving to follow a balanced lifestyle and staying in tune with your bodies, you’re optimizing your fertility health in the process. 

2. Timing Really Counts 

A naturally medication-free practice in fertility health is ovulation tracking. Since high school sex ed was a long time ago now, let’s refresh: a woman’s menstrual cycle revolves around when one of the ovaries will release an egg to be fertilized. However, that doesn’t mean just dividing 28 days in half—only 13% of cycles are consistently 28 days in length (sorry, we know what you were told in school!), so it makes ovulation tracking and journaling critical for identifying your perfect fertility window. 

My own experience with infertility led me to invest heavily in ovulation tracking, and it was a key part of my success story. After all, even the best fertility specialist in the world can’t do much if your body simply isn’t ready to conceive. I recommend that every prospective parent starts tracking ASAP in order to gather enough data to make an informed guess as to your most fertile days each month. 

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to make the best use of your resources by using the PherDal IVI kit at the perfect moment so you can hopefully avoid expensive and invasive medical procedures like IVF and IUI. Not to mention, our patented sterility and longest insemination syringe on the market makes us proud to be as close to at-home IUI as you can try. 

3. Accessible Fertility Tools

Traditional measures such as IUI and IVF usually involve out-of-pocket medications. These treatments already take so much money and dignity from patients, so alternative fertility tools are on the rise, though not every product meets the same standards. 

At PherDal, we created our kit because we believe in making IVI available for every parent-to-be. For us, this translates to keeping costs down and convenience up—and NOT at the expense of quality or safety. 

Our intravaginal insemination (IVI) kit for home use can improve your odds of conception. It comes with FDA clearance and is the only 100% guaranteed sterile kit you can buy. We have the longest applicator on the market to bypass the vaginal canal, depositing sperm directly at the entrance of the cervix. This technique maximizes the potential for sperm to fertilize the waiting egg during ovulation. 

For less than $200, our at-home insemination kit offers three separate sets of the only sterile applicators and collection cups to give you three attempts at getting pregnant, surpassing every other kit’s contents in quality and quantity. We’ve designed our applicators to be approachable and effortless to use in the moment, so you can worry less about how to deal with a needleless syringe and focus more on the excitement of potentially conceiving your baby.

Oh, and our syringe is the only one that’s engineered to bring sperm all the way to your cervix. You wouldn’t think that would be unique, but this industry…

For a Non-Medicinal Approach, Try PherDal First

The desire to avoid medications or similarly invasive measures when dealing with infertility is a valid requirement, one that few fertility interventions can fulfill. When it comes to making conception safe, sterile, accessible, affordable, and effective, PherDal is proud to stand out for so many reasons. We really are just different. There’s peace of mind in PherDal’s origin story, as my husband and I struggled to get pregnant for years—until I invented our IVI kit. It’s personal for us, so you’re in compassionate hands.

Let’s be honest: there’s a lot going on these days, to say the least. With increasingly limiting legislation aimed at LGBTQIA+ individuals and single mothers by choice who want to have families of their own, go-to infertility treatments like embryo transfers and IVF are suddenly under the threat of further cost hikes, and even criminalization. What was once a possibility may feel out of reach now. 

Your fertility health and family planning choices should be yours and yours alone, and PherDal will continue to ensure that your privacy and autonomy are prioritized by producing the highest quality IVI kit available. PherDal offers you the best way to boost fertility without medication. Order yours today!