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How to Know if an At-Home Insemination Kit Is Safe

Fertility is full of emotional ups and downs, and when you’re trying any new treatment for the first time it’s going to be an anxious and insecure experience. Traditional IVF and IUI procedures are invasive and potentially traumatizing by definition, but even a gentle intravaginal insemination (IVI) option that can be self-administered in the privacy of your own home may give you pause if you’re not 100% confident it’s safe and healthy.

It’s understandable to feel a little jittery trying IVI for the first time! At-home insemination kits have only recently gone mainstream, and a lack of information can create false hopes that are too painful and plentiful when it comes to starting a family. OBGYNs and REIs who are up to date on the latest medical evidence will be able to give you clear guidance about what to look for in an IVI kit, how to use one, and the realistic value it represents for overcoming your fertility challenges. 

So, the truth?

Here it is: a high-quality IVI kit could be the difference you’ve been waiting for to overcome infertility. This do-it-yourself method protects both your privacy and your wallet to potentially solve your infertility problem with no invasive or expensive measures needed. 

BUT—not every kit is created equal. This is your body we’re talking about, and it’s important to find one that has the backing of clinically tested science and FDA-cleared quality control to ensure you have a healthy, confident, and potentially fruitful experience. 

That’s why I started PherDal, and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to choose a safe, effective, high-quality at-home insemination kit as part of your fertility journey. 

What Exactly Is IVI?

Historically (and grossly) referred to as the “turkey baster” method, IVI is a simple, straightforward fertility approach that can be done in the privacy of your own home. First, you need to collect or acquire sperm, either from a sperm bank or a donor. Then, it’s drawn into a sterile syringe that you insert into your vagina. Finally, you deposit the sperm at the opening of your cervix, thus giving the sperm an extra boost on their way to the egg.

Now, you may be asking, “Why do I need a kit for this? Can’t I just go to a pharmacy and buy what I need?”

There’s a one-word answer for that: Ew. Or just “no.” Both? How about both. 

Look, anyone with a vagina knows how delicate the balance between happy and hurting can be, and the last thing you want from your IVI is a UTI. And because they’re relatively new, the vast majority of at-home IVI kits on the market aren’t even guaranteed to be clean and sterile. In fact PherDal’s IVI kit was awarded a patent for being the first and only sterile intravaginal insemination kit that is also FDA-cleared for at-home insemination. 

Science tells us our vaginal microbiome health actually plays a critical role in our ability to become pregnant, and there’s nothing more tragic than the kit that should be helping you get pregnant, ruining your changes along the way. That’s why you should always make sure that any IVI kit you choose is FDA-cleared and 100% sterile. It could be the difference between the best day of your life and the worst experience you’ve ever had. 

What’s in the Box?

A single kit consists of needleless syringes and collection cups, and the numbers depend on the specific manufacturer. Realistically speaking, it should give you at least two of everything, and ideally three to ensure your best shot at success. And no, nothing goes in the dishwasher between uses! Sterile components should be individually wrapped and disposable so you get an optimal attempt every time. 

Unfortunately, standards differ drastically from kit to kit, so it can be easy to feel like you have to make compromises on contents or quality to try IVI. Guess what? You don’t. If you see a kit that’s not sterile, not FDA-cleared, or doesn’t contain everything you think it should, then skip it. You deserve a kit that ticks all the boxes and is scientifically and methodologically sound from the bun to the oven. 

Safely Shopping for an IVI Kit

The first question you probably have is, “Is it OK to order an IVI kit online?” It might feel a bit strange, but the answer is a resounding “yes!”

In fact, a company’s online presence is the first, best place to start gathering the evidence you need about the quality of their product. In a previous article on our blog, we detailed three key factors to consider when you’re comparing options: the seller’s reputation, the kit’s components, and their overall approach to infertility intervention. 

All three should be underpinned by data-driven science, rigorous inspection, and the principled manufacturing that ethical infertility treatment necessitates. No one should forget that there is a human being at the center of every fertility conversation who is hopeful, fearful, and incredibly vulnerable. A company’s process should reflect an effort to protect your body, give you honest, peer-reviewed facts about its product, and communicate a desire to give you a realistic and positive experience. Unless you see hard evidence confirming the value of an IVI kit, it has no business being part of such an intimate moment, and any company that tries to cover up its deficits with catchy slogans, trendy packaging, and flowery promises is waving a huge red flag. 

Finally, in addition to those big three takeaways, be wary of anyone guaranteeing pregnancy. It’s never a guarantee, and as much as I wish it could be, that’s why I won’t tell you PherDal’s at-home insemination kit will solve your fertility problems. An IVI kit is a safe, cost-effective first-line option that preserves your privacy and dignity while giving you an excellent shot at overcoming some common obstacles to fertility. 

PherDal Fits the Bill

The whole reason I started PherDal was to regain my bodily autonomy through personalized fertility treatment, utilizing a background in science to change the course of my family’s future. Sharing this tool with others whose lives have been altered by infertility is a privilege, and as the “it worked, we’re pregnant!” emails continue to flow in, I’m reminded that, for as isolating as infertility can feel, we’re all in it together.

This is why the PherDal kit is held to the highest level—total sterility, medical-grade plastic, and pragmatic design give you multiple attempts to get pregnant safely without compromising your microbiome. There’s peace of mind in using an at-home insemination kit that’s meticulously regulated, sterile, and FDA-cleared to boot.  

Your health and wellness are vital, so consider trying the uniquely sterile, multi-patented PherDal kit today. No matter what point you’re at on the road to fertility, we’re with you every step of the way, combining empathy and expertise to support your family planning.