Dr. Jennifer Hintzsche Founder and Inventor of PherDal Fertility Science the only FDA cleared sterile at home IUI alternative

Science & Love: My infertility journey

PherDal, like many companies, was started of necessity. Seven years of my life were dedicated to getting my Ph.D., and after getting married in 2016, my husband and I were ready to have kids. I got off my birth control and thought I’d be pregnant within a few months. Six months passed, and anxiety and fear increased. After a year, we went to a fertility doctor and were diagnosed with (the terribly named) “Unexplained Infertility.” So, we both started going through numerous tests and had them very closely monitor my cycle & hormones with lots of blood draws and found few answers. The doctor suggested we start by doing three months of intrauterine insemination (IUI). We were asked to pay $10,000 upfront for inferiltity treatment. If this didn’t work, we would move on to in-vitro fertilization (IVF). That, of course, would be more invasive and costly. We were devastated and didn’t have $10,000 as our insurance only covered the tests that got us to a diagnosis, not anything to help us make a baby. 

I thought there had to be a different way. If anyone knew what was supposed to happen to make a baby, it was me - I mean ... I have a doctorate in Biology. So, I put that Ph.D. to use. I started researching and learning why and how IUI is effective. What I learned is that there are a lot of factors that go into sperm meeting egg. IUI can mitigate a lot of those variables and help the sperm not need to “swim” as far to get to the egg. A shorter distance means increased chances and fewer external variables. After some searching for sterile instruments and awkward marriage talks about cervical mucus, I made my kit, the first PherDal kit.

In the first month, the timing was off, but in the second month, Lois was created. We finally got that big fat positive - for under $250 and in the comfort of our own home. For two years, I’ve told my “conception story” about how Lois was made with cobbled-together instruments. The more I spoke about my story, the more I realized how many other women had experienced something similar. I wish I had known that while going through it, I felt alone, but I learned I’m 1 in 5 women who experience infertility.

  decided to take the concept of the kit I made that made Lois and make kits and a brand of fertility products to offer other women the same opportunity I made for myself. Everyone should at least feel like there are options, and I wanted to provide one. I improved every aspect of that first kit to offer an easy and shame-free user experience. PherDal can’t promise it can get you pregnant. However, it can provide you with a more affordable option to try at home. 

PherDal’s mission is to help empower all women on their fertility journey while creating a shame-free community overflowing with support. Thank you for letting us be part of our journey.

I'm so glad you found us, we can't wait to support your fertility journey.

All my love,

Dr. Jenn


About me: I’m Jenn, a grateful wife and mom with a Ph.D. in Biology and Bioinformatics. My husband and I are lucky to have two human kiddos and two doggy twins Mac ‘n’ Tosh. I have published research in scientific journals like Nature and given talks about my research worldwide, including in South Korea, Australia, and Italy. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and PherDal started as my passion project to spread my knowledge and experience to help other women become mothers. Then we sold out in 90 days and welcomed 34 babies into the world while crowdfunding to become the first and only FDA cleared sterile at home insemination kit.  Now we are helping the one in five women who struggle to conceive for over a year have the only sterile and safe at home fertility option.