unexplained infertility success stories

Unexplained Infertility Success Stories: Hope is Here!

For how devastating infertility is, unexplained infertility is especially cruel. The journey toward parenthood can be a huge investment of time, effort, money, and sacrifice to reach a diagnosis… only to be told there’s no explanation to help you move forward.

Such an empty conclusion to an experience overflowing with emotional turmoil is an extra kick when you’re already down. All you can think is, “After everything we’ve been through to get here, how can there not be an answer?”

I know this feeling myself. When my husband Ryan and I received our unexplained infertility diagnosis, we felt more uncertain than ever. Worse, we were told we would not be parents unless we went through the expensive and invasive intrauterine insemination (IUI) regimen that our fertility doctor recommended. I quickly found myself googling “unexplained infertility success stories” to cope. 

As a hopeful future mother, I was heartbroken and angry. But as a Ph.D. in biology? I wasn’t satisfied—I knew there had to be another way to solve the problem. So I channeled my frustration into action.

I wanted to create something that addressed everything that felt wrong about my infertility experience: a product that was affordable and maintained bodily autonomy and privacy from the comfort of home. All I knew for sure is that, if I was going to pay a doctor $10K to move sperm closer to my eggs, I might be able to use my background as a scientist (it also helped to be married to a mechanical engineer) to do that myself—and with the safety and 100% sterility they use in a clinic.

And you know what? I did! That’s how PherDal—and my daughter Lois—were born. 

Conceiving PherDal (and Lois and Zack!)

In 2017, Ryan and I decided to create our own at-home insemination kit using principles similar to IUI in order to better our chances of having a baby. I did what came naturally to me: I thoroughly researched the topic until I fully understood what we were getting into, and from there, we designed PherDal (“fertile” but with a Ph.D. because I really did not like being told I was infertile). 

Lois was the first PherDal baby—born in September 2018 after the second month of use!—and our son Zack arrived the following September. When I tell you it works, it works! For us, the PherDal kit was the missing puzzle piece, and I believed it would be an asset for other families in our shoes.

So we crowdfunded the resources we needed to bring our PherDal kit to people struggling with fertility just like us—and never looked back. Since then, we’ve earned FDA class II clearance as the only 100% sterile at-home insemination kit. Our kit’s intravaginal insemination (IVI) technology brings the power of science to you, increasing the likelihood of sperm meeting the egg through a proven system that’s guaranteed to be sterile and safe

We’re also the only insemination kit to offer this level of patented cleanliness. It comes with three separate applicators for three separate tries to get pregnant—more than any at-home insemination kit on the market. 

A lot about PherDal is unique, from our story to our clinical-grade standards, but the best part of this development is seeing how our PherDal family has grown. In some small way, every PherDal baby feels like a part of the extended Hintzsche family! 

Meet Tessa, Kevin, and Harper

Beyond my own family’s journey with unexplained infertility, the condition affects around 30% of infertility patients worldwide. This typical course of events inevitably leads doctors to prescribe expensive, invasive procedures like IUI and IVF. 

Historically, these are the methods doctors have used for couples and single mothers by choice who cannot conceive on their own, but that doesn’t make them ideal. The reality is that these traditional treatments can be pretty devastating financially and personally, and because of that, IUI and IVF tend to be one-shot opportunities for many families. That’s exactly why PherDal functions as a low-risk, low-cost first step in the fight against infertility. 

One of my favorite unexplained infertility success stories is that of my now-friend Tessa Mills, who was a stranger on the internet, then got pregnant after a single cycle with PherDal’s IVI kit.

Tessa also knows the disappointment and confusion of unexplained infertility firsthand: the countless REI appointments, eyebrow-raising IUI/IVF prices, and incalculable stress incurred from almost two years spent trying to get pregnant. Thanks to PherDal, she now knows the immense joy and love of motherhood too, since she and her husband Kevin conceived their daughter Harper with the PherDal IVI kit. 

Like Ryan and me, they took their fertility concerns into their own hands and opted for an intervention that wouldn’t break the bank (or their hearts) if it didn’t pan out. And it worked! Harper was born in 2022 as a result of our kit. In another twist of fate, Harper’s brother, just like our son, was born less than two years after his sister. 

“We had gone through every test known to man, and I knew that we probably just needed a little help getting the sperm to the egg,” Tessa said. Sure enough, PherDal was the difference-maker for her and her husband despite an unexplained infertility diagnosis. It’s true that so many couples just need a little help to conceive, and PherDal offers that hope three times over for less than $200. 

No one can promise you a baby with total certainty—not even IVF works every single time, sad as that may be. But what I can promise you is that PherDal’s IVI kit is the best at-home fertility aid for people dealing with infertility, unexplained or otherwise. Our kit, combined with some careful ovulation tracking, might be all it takes to see that wonderful little plus sign at long last.

Don’t Give up Hope! Try PherDal’s IVI Kit

My story and Tessa’s are just the beginning of the infertility revolution, and PherDal is leading the way. With our IVI kit now available for purchase, I’m hoping there will be plenty more unexplained infertility success stories out there in the coming years. If you’ve lost hope due to an unexplained infertility diagnosis, Tessa and I are living proof that it’s not over yet, and we’re just a tiny glimpse at the possibilities that await.

You’re not alone in this—your journey is shared by all of us in the PherDal community who have found success with our at-home insemination kit. Unexplained infertility is far from simple, but with the help of our kit, you can simplify an otherwise baffling situation and hopefully solve the mystery behind your infertility. Get your PherDal kit today!